2 thoughts on “NEW MENUS!”

  1. Scenic Root, Can your restaurant accommodate changes to your menu items? I can’t eat onions & dairy products. These items are in most of your meals. I also can’t eat pork and shellfish. For example, can your Chicken and Roasted vegetables be made sans cheese?
    Also, My brother loves your food and will be here from California in a couple of weeks. We will be celebrating two BIG birthdays with 10+ people. Can you accommodate that many?
    Thanks in advance for a quick response.
    Carol Schott


    1. Carol, everything is made to order so we can accommodate most changes. Some of the dishes are prepped with onions like the chicken riggies and the chicken Italiano and we would not be able to take those out. But for the most part you are fine modifying any dish, as in your example. If you have any other specific questions on menu items, feel free to email or call and ask!

      We certainly can accommodate bigger parties and we do take reservations of parties 8 or more, just give us a call! As a FYI, we try and put parties lager than 12 at 2 tables right next to each other due to our space constraints.

      If you would like to speak with me directly, my name is Michael. Call the restaurant at 315 682 3000. If I am not immediately available, I will return your call as soon as possible.


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